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How are leaded lights, stained glass and traditional windows made today?

In order to understand how things are made today it is a good idea to be familiar with the terminology that was used historically as much of it is still used today in our Glossary of windows.

In this area of the website we are going to explore the different methods for making traditional windows today and some of the restoration process. Any work that involves period property restoration generally requires patience, dedication and a passion for preserving the heritage of often extremely old and significant architectural features. Due to this, we take a tremendous amount of pride in the work we do, knowing the results will remain as a legacy of our work long beyond our lifetime.

Leaded Light construction & process

Making traditional leaded light is an art and methods have not changed a great deal for many decades. We have created a page dedicated to the process, explaining each stage along with pictures in the hope we can inspire and help people who are interested. Just click on the picture opposite to see more or here – leaded light construction.

We have tried to explain how to make lead panels using words and pictures but it cannot replace the real thing of course. To discuss your own project please do give us a call as we’d be more than happy to advise you on the best approach for your property. 

Stained Glass construction & process

Initially stained glass panels were formed and created by using coloured glass separated by lead came. The term “stained glass” is generically associated with churches and ancient buildings stemming from medieval times. Although methods and types of glass and glass production have changed in modern times, the techniques employed by stained glass professionals date back to the middle ages.

The processes involved in stained glass creation and some insight into the techniques and materials required which make this a fascinating subject are described really well in various websites online. A good example of this is this video on how stained glass is made.